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md/phd residency interview experience

 Alright Andrew, you win.  As an MD/PhD student residency interviews tend to take a unique twist as there is the very obvious 4-6 year old elephant in the room, which clearly differentiates us from other candidates who went straight through medical school.  Below are some questions/issues that came up during my residency interviews and those of […]


what makes mudphudder so special?

It’s amazing how there are such dramatic differences in the mindset/attitude/tone of clinical departments from one medical center.  You can walk into one department and find generally welcoming, laid back faculty (as laid back as possible in academia, I guess) and then into another department and find generally tense, sardonic faculty.  I’m so used to […]


favorite knock from interviews so far

So my favorite knock against me by a residency interviewer so far was within the last 1.5 weeks when I gave a response to an interviewer’s question to which the interviewer responded in a derisive tone, “Didn’t I read that on a fortune cookie?  Well, your answer was much cheesier than the fortune cookie.”  The best […]


speaking too soon

Just when I thought I had made it home safe, I go and get stranded in Las Vegas.  I flew from Seattle today to Las Vegas where it was surprisingly snowing.  I got on board my connecting flight home, taxied out to the runway only to get called back to the gate because of the […]


it ends

It is with some exhausted relief that my west coast swing and road trip for residency interviews has ended.  It was a week of meeting new people as well as adventure, excitement and at times terror.  I interviewed at three great residency programs–each a little different in pros and cons from the others.  I experienced […]


on the road

What a crazy day.  I got an early start from Santa Nella, CA and made my way north making good time.  Beautiful country–not the typical California I had seen.  Orchards and farms.  Lots of grazing cows.  Happy cows come from California, I heard.  It was mostly overcast all day and started to rain about an […]


i hate flying – my rant

So I made it to sunny San Diego today for another residency interview.  Granted the travails of flying are worth it for San Diego, I still hate flying.  Especially now that what little courtesy the airlines used to offer is non-existent.  I flew with Delta today and (1) the plane for my first flight was switched […]


what am i proud of?

So I just had another residency interview yesterday.  Not too bad, mostly conversational in nature.  Unfortunately, there were many interviews packed into a relatively short period of time so the scheduling made for short exchanges.  One interviewer asked me, “what are three things that you are proud of?”  I never know quite how to answer that question.  Note […]