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finding a good mentor: asking the right questions

As I (and many many others as well) have previously written, finding a supportive mentor is all about asking the right questions of both the prospective mentor as well as the mentor’s trainees.  As you are going through the process, think about these qualities that you may find desirable in a mentor: accessibility: does the […]


choosing a research project

You are starting in a lab and deciding on a project to work on. If you will be in the lab for an extended period of time, say >1 year, or if you are a graduate student, sometimes there is a temptation to work on something really interesting related to the field in which the […]


graduate student mentorship

A meeting with one of my clinical mentors yesterday got me thinking about the importance of mentorship in general and, in particular, the importance of mentorship in medical school, which now has me thinking about good mentorship in graduate school. Graduate school (PhD training) is unique amongst other doctoral training in that the mentor (thesis advisor) plays a […]


medical student mentorship

My last post got me thinking about how one’s needs out of a mentor depend on the situation.  In medical school, mentorship usually impacts: 1) choice of medical specialty 2) research experience 3) clinical know-how and insight 4) your introduction to others Believe it or not–and others who have gone through this can attest to […]


good mentorship is so key…

Just came back from an hour-long coffee break with one of my mentors in my medical field of choice, in which I am currently applying for residency positions.  When I think about the factors that lead me to head down the various paths that I have traveled, so much of it has been due to […]