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the waiting

I swear, the hardest part of internship is not the long hours or the work load, it’s the waiting–the anticipation of impending pain.  The worst is when you’re sitting there on the eve of a painful 12 day stretch and you can just imagine how bad it’ll be.  Of course it’s never that bad but […]


my limits

My opinion is more and more that the point of internship is to push us to our breaking points. And then a little more. I’m fairly convinced that it won’t stop even at the breaking point. I’ve already seen a few people hit that wall and it hasn’t been pretty. Especially since after all the […]


the residency gods are fair… mostly

I have come to grips with the fact that at the end of the day, the residency Gods are mostly fair. I think. At least so far. On some days I take the worst beating of my life. On those days I feel like I have done something to anger the Gods. More than likely […]



Here’s a post I wrote earlier today on my phone: I’m not normal and my life clearly is not normal. I live in the hospital except for the few hours of sleep I get every night. I get my vitamin k  vitamin D (or lack there of) from fluorescent lights.  I’m wriing this entry as I […]


whazzup whazzup?

Yeah I should probably be going to bed, but fuck it, it’s been a while so I’ll blog   One of the realizations I’ve had in the last two weeks is that internship isn’t too too bad if you don’t have much of a life to begin with.  Luckily for me, I didn’t.  I mean […]


past my bedtime

It’s after 9pm so I better keep this brief.  First week of internship is going… well it’s going.  Not too bad I guess.  I’m learning a lot and getting into the swing of things.  More on the specifics later, but it’s amazing how different life has quickly changed.  I feel like I’m in survival mode […]


13 hours later…

And the first day of internship is done. Can’t complain–13 hours is not that bad even if I was hustling around the whole day. Picking up some thai food as a treat and then I’m going home. Thank you all again for the love that you have heaped on me in the last few days. […]


5:45 am, june 22 2009

So it begins.


the final countdown

So the regular readers of this blog probably thought this post was just going to be the video clip of “the Final Countdown” by Europe that I post every so often, but NO! it’s not!    So if you haven’t already flipped back to google, here we go. Tomorrow I start internship.  Crazy.  I last […]


my fear

Today I crossed the threshold of the hospital I will be doing intership in. I stopped at the front door, hung my head, took a deep breath and plunged myself in. My first reaction is some fear of the unknown. Not so much what to expect–I already know that I’m gonna get my ass kicked […]