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Lab Protocols & Recipes

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    CSS Envy | asker:

    amazing stuff thanx :)

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    Yo Mudphudder,

    You’ve mentioned that T cells were your forte during the research years of yore. Did you work with immature thymocytes/precursors or post-thymic/mature T cells? I’m trying to develop an experiment to test thymocyte deletion by mTECs and am digging around (pubmed and random blog postings) to figure out the best way to do it. I need more T cell people around here for discussion!


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    Hey Dude, I worked with mature T cells but what kind of experiment are you trying to do? Are you free to discuss details? I might be able to suggest something if you tell me a little more about what you want to do/what approach you want to take.
    If you don’t want to discuss openly on the blog, feel free to email me too.
    Now, I’m off to enjoy some time outside.

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