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Funding Opportunities

I have visited many other websites claiming to have funding opportunities (grants, research funding, or fellowships) only to find non-specific links to random organizations or dead links.  I have looked at each one of these funding opportunities and provided a direct link to the url of that particular funding opportunity.  No more searching!  No more dead links!  Go straight to the described funding opportunity!  This will hopefully provide a straightforward, fast, one-stop site to search for funding opportunities for you, your research or training.   

I am compiling funding opportunities for

Many of these opportunities are open to anyone from around the world!

For now, all funding opportunities are in one big database but depending on your status, the proper keywords under which I have filed the funding opportunities will appear in the search box–add to those keywords any other search terms you want, otherwise just search away.  If you are a pre-med, search the medical students category to look up grants for the early years of medical school.

(I am working on fixing the code so only funding opportunities specific for your status will pop up when you go directly to your page)

If you hear of something that you want to share with everyone else, feel free to leave a comment or email me and I’ll add your suggestion to the list.


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