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residency interviews…

…Suck.  Easily one of the most painful periods of the last few years for me. 

  And, I just realized it’s that time of the year!  Yay!!!!!

  I think I wrote a number of posts about residency interviews last year, so if there are any interviewees interested in reading those, just search for “residency interviews” on the blog.  Otherwise, I will go on. 

  I have the benefit now of 4 months of internship under my belt to color my recollection of residency interviews.  I was pretty stressed out about them all.  And to some extent, rightfully so, I guess.  Internship is tough and you want to make sure you end up with good people.  Note I didn’t say good place.  I am on survival mode right now.  I hardly have time to give a shit where I’m at for residency.  What keeps me going and what I do think about (because it’s right up in my face) is who I’m working with.  I have to say that I’m with a great bunch of interns and I’m really happy for that.  My senior residents are also for the most part really awesome.  I think no matter where you go, you will find senior residents that have just been totally fucked up by the process of residency (perhaps I’ll turn into one of those people in a few years… or months).  But it makes life so much nicer when your seniors are awesome. 

  I think I’ve gained new appreciation for the importance of who your coworkers are.  I really didn’t give it any thought in medical school or graduate school.  Not sure why exactly.  I think medical school and graduate school are more solitary endeavors.  Plus, there’s never a question of “am I gonna make it past today?”, which happens on an almost daily basis for me now.  Having the support of good people is key.  On that day when you don’t know if it’ll all get done and you’re sure you’re gonna be there for 3 days straight, the last thing you want is some ass who is gonna pile more shit on you.  I’ve lucked out in that I haven’t had this happen to me (yet) but the thought has often crossed my mind and it makes me shiver.

  During my residency interviews, I didn’t pay so much attention to that.  At least, it wasn’t high on my priority list.  I will say though that when I interviewed where I’m at, I remember thinking to myself that I could really hang out and get along with these residents.  So I guess it played into my decision making but not as much as it probably should have. 

  So there you have, after all the glam and glitz of where you’re going for residency, you won’t even have the time to remember it.  Think about that.