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Another Update:  I’ve been in residency for several months now.  So many people watch TV shows like House, Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs and wonder if that’s what residency is really like.  Not quite. 

This is the real deal. 

Update: I graduated with my MD/PhD in 2009 and have started a new chapter in my life–residency! I am now a full-fledged intern, but my interests still lie primarily in academic medicine and will continue to blog about matters relevant to those in research.

Old About page content: So I’m new to the blogging community so let me tell you a few things about myself.  I am an 8th year MD/PhD student at a large academic center.  I have been a medical student, then a graduate student–my PhD was in immunology, and now a medical student again.  I will hopefully be graduating from medical school this May and I am currently in the exciting process of applying for a residency position for next June/July.  My main hobbies usually revolve around some kind of exercise–mostly weightlifting.  That’s me in a nutshell…sadly?  Perhaps more like an onion with many layers underneath each one peeled back.  I don’t know if that’s anymore appealing. 

Anyway, this is a blog that may be interesting to biological graduate students, medical students, really anyone who is in academic medicine or biological research.  So far, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the clinical side of academic medicine as a medical student as well as indirectly from my original medical school classmates who are now fourth year residents or attendings!  I’ve also experienced the research side of academic medicine through graduate school and also indirectly through friends who are post-docs and junior faculty.  It’s an amazing world and the process is much more complicated than I had ever imagined.  I wish that I knew what I know now back when… 

In any case, I hope you find some useful and interesting information on this blog.  I’m always interested in what you are thinking about or interested in, so feel free to give me suggestions on topics.  Also, feel free to leave me comments or suggestions either to let me know how to improve the site or just to let me know what you think you of the site.


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    Was just recently introduced to your blog by some random google query. Enjoy the mudphud adventures through med school as I am currently in PA school.

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    Hey there,

    Came across your blog on a page listing Medical; Student Blogs. Was checking them out since I am also starting off myself on the same stuff. Your site is bloody cool! Could you tell me how you arranged the category stuff on the top, its the coolest ever. i would love to get something lie that up, but being a newbie, lack the knowhow. care to help out? Please?

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    Hi! I was wondering if I could use one of your CT images for a publication the Journal of Pediatric Surgery. I would of course give you credit and put your info in the references/credits. Thank you!

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    Hi there,
    I’m also a fellow mudphudder who applied for residencies this year. Trying hard to debate between east coast and west coast.. Just wondering how you ended up deciding. Also, what are your opinions of these fast track residencies? thanks

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    just came across your website. i’m a 6th year md/phd student nearing the return to med school. will read more of your blog to catch up.. anyway so far i completely love it. humor and truth and more truth. thanks! just made my month..

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