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who has a patent?!?!?!

Just like you want to know how many NIH grant the guy down the hall has, you’re probably also wondering if he has any patents.  While you toil away at the bench or in the clinic, this dude is probably raking in the dough from his patent on the little floaty things that hold eppendorf tubes […]


an observation

Why is it that when I wear my white doctor’s coat, people call me sir but when I’m wearing jeans and sweatshirt people ask me for an ID when I pay by credit card?  Hmmm…. Although these days I’m not so sure that my white coat even has much power left.  Maybe it’s all the […]


a million stories

  Have you ever walked down a hospital corridor and looked around?  I mean really look around?  Noticed the scratches, dents and marks on the walls?  The hospital is filled with a million stories.  We turn around patients all the time–people coming and going–but their visits often leave their marks on the hospital.  I’m not […]


here comes more trouble

  Clinic.  The worst.  Writing H&Ps even worse.  New admits at two minutes before my shift is over–a dagger in my eye.  But the pain is sometimes happily abated when you get a fairly straightforward (from the standpoint of medical history) patient with few medical co-morbidities.    Then I look down at the chart or […]


at least i’m still a mudphudder

  I’m tired.  I’m beat down.  Some days I’m just like, I don’t know.  Some days I don’t know if I’m gonna make it through.  I mean, I’m like 4 months in now, which is good, but there’s at least another 8 months left and that’s just internship.   Whatever, at least I’ll always have my pieces […]