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romanticizing me

Well not me but, rather, health care workers in general. 

God, this looks like a retarded show.

God, this looks like a retarded show.

Has anyone else noticed a recent slew of medical tv shows coming out?  So far I’ve noted several new tv shows about nurses and at least one about EMTs.  All (at least from the commercials) greatly romanticizing the roles of each group–here’s a line from a commercial for a TV show about EMTs called “Trauma”: “when everyone runs away from a disaster, they run towards it”.  Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!  Most of them are too out of shape to “run” towards a disaster.  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I’ve met some pretty good and knowledgeable EMTs but I’ve met some really bumbling ones too.  My favorite was the one who walked out of the ED with an apple jammed in his mouth and the location of the chest pain patient’s EKG rhythm strip unknown (probably in his back pocket). 

I don’t remember any lines from the shows about nurses but I do remember a lot of nurses yelling at the



actors who are supposed to be the doctors.  Maybe I remember that because it hit so close to home.  I’m pretty sure that for TV viewers, like for me, watching nurses annoy the shit out of doctors will get old FAST.  I mean, how many different ways can the writers come up with for whining and complaining, interspersed with pages to the overtired, overworked resident at 3am that says: “FYI: pt XYZ’s BP- 120/70, HR- 76, T-98.6”.  IS THAT WHAT YOU WOKE ME UP FOR????  Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!  (note those are all normal vital signs). 

The shows on TV about doctors are just as bad AND we’re portrayed as a bunch of bumbling malcontents (which, to be fair, may not be that far from the truth).  Sometimes I actually think the reality TV shows about doctors are the best because you get to see the real life dysfunction. 

Okay, let’s hold it for a second.  If it came across that way, my intention is not to hate on anyone.  Nurses, EMTs and doctors–there is a gradation of quality terrible to really great as well as a gradation in their aproach to work from just a job to a calling.  There’s nothing romantic about it.  In fact, the same person can be superstar or dud depending on the day of the week.  Take me for instance, there are days when I hate life and the rotation I’m on and then there are days when I’m a freakin’ inspired doctor.  Very much like the dude at your local footlocker who sometimes hates life because he sells shoes for a living but then sometimes takes the approach that his job is important because he helps people find comfortable shoes.  Whatever.  Most of the time I would think that medicine is not that interesting to the lay person.  Hell, I wouldn’t want to watch most of what I do on TV.   Fillng out paperwork, fighting with everyone from other doctors to phlebotomy to the freakin’ CT scan techs in order to get something done.  It’s usually the end product of a lot of uninteresting stuff that is cool–a patient who is healthier.  Note that I didn’t even say cured because there is very little that actually gets cured.  Does that sound interesting, dramatic or romantic to you?


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    David L. Henderson MD:

    Your post was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. As a psychiatrist, the last thing I want to do is watch a television show about what I do. I start feeling like Richard Dreyfuss on What about Bob, slowly going insane!

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