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choosing poorly

Mudphudder before graduate school

Mudphudder before graduate school

I’ve made out pretty well for myself but I am constantly reminded of choices that I could have made better.  Much better.


Examples: (have I complained about this stuff before?) an acquaintance for scored 3 articles in the C/N/S journals all in the same week.  If you added the impact factors of all of the journals I’ve published in (double digits), it wouldn’t come close to the impact factor of one of those journals.  Former co-graduate students who formed “alliances” with each other and now they all appear on all of each other’s papers.  I look at the author lines on those papers and I see 12 names but know that only 3 people did 99% of the work.  Bullshit.  Yeah yeah I know that those papers are just meaningless filler on the C.V. but when you have your work too, a few extra lines doesn’t hurt.  Bullshit.  I won’t even get into the social structure around the alliances in our old lab.  But it was there and now all of those wankers end up with like 10 extra papers for nothing.  Maybe I should’ve hung out with them more often. 

Mudphudder when he looks up old labmates on pubmed

Mudphudder after he looks up old labmates on pubmed



Sigh, I definitely could’ve made better choices.


2 Responses to “choosing poorly”

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    “He choose poorly”, one of the great lines of all time. Hindsight is always 20/20 man don’t be too hard on yourself.

  2. 2

    love this. well i don’t know C/N/S would be ok filler on my CV… i’d say: don’t hate, participate. i’d love to form such a group. what an excellent idea..

    in reading your blog it just reminds me how much crap there is in academics AND academic medicine. not helping me survive the last year of the phd:) to get back to the other crap.

    these feelings go in phases though. just like when rejected from a journal that journal is crap, but when accepted, its the mantra that all should go by…

    last one out shut off the lights…

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