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choosing poorly

I’ve made out pretty well for myself but I am constantly reminded of choices that I could have made better.  Much better.   Examples: (have I complained about this stuff before?) an acquaintance for scored 3 articles in the C/N/S journals all in the same week.  If you added the impact factors of all of the journals […]


romanticizing me

Well not me but, rather, health care workers in general.  Has anyone else noticed a recent slew of medical tv shows coming out?  So far I’ve noted several new tv shows about nurses and at least one about EMTs.  All (at least from the commercials) greatly romanticizing the roles of each group–here’s a line from […]


right of passage

  Is it some kind of bullshit right of passage that everyone who enters residency/internship is supposed to break down and cry at some point? I don’t know if it’s just the feeling that comes with having to get used to a really difficult lifestyle/job but sometimes it feels like that. There are days when […]


here comes trouble

  This isn’t meant to be an educational post about fibromyalgia but for those of you who aren’t familiar, here’s the brief wikipedia explanation:  Fibromyalgia, meaning muscle and connective tissue pain (also referred to as FM or FMS), is a medically unexplained syndrome characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened and painful response to pressure […]


md/phd residency interview experience

 Alright Andrew, you win.  As an MD/PhD student residency interviews tend to take a unique twist as there is the very obvious 4-6 year old elephant in the room, which clearly differentiates us from other candidates who went straight through medical school.  Below are some questions/issues that came up during my residency interviews and those of […]


the post-call hangover

Post call.  The day after your night of being on-call at the hospital.  You usually get out early (anywhere between 8am and 12pm in my experience so far) and then you go home and sleep.  When I get home, I’m usually okay.  I’m wired from being awake for that long and I’m usually hungry so […]


residency interviews…

…Suck.  Easily one of the most painful periods of the last few years for me.    And, I just realized it’s that time of the year!  Yay!!!!!   I think I wrote a number of posts about residency interviews last year, so if there are any interviewees interested in reading those, just search for “residency interviews” on the blog.  […]


while we’re on the topic of genitals…

  All I can say is, FRRREEEEEEEEDDDDDOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!   I recently finished a rotation after which I will never ever, ever ever, ever ever ever ever have to do another pelvic exam ever again.  For as long as I live.  Ever.  Never. Ever again.    Never ever.  Ever.   I’m quite pleased with that fact.  No offense […]


score “one” for the home

  Anytime a man can do something nice for another, it’s a good feeling.  Anytime a man can do something to save another man’s penis from rotting and falling off, that’s a special feeling.  Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. Ouch. (courtesy of eMedicine)   I saw a patient who was complaining of a “swollen penis”.  There are about […]