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is it really necessary?

Why do people feel compelled to act like assholes?  I understand that you may be feeling frustrated, but why do you feel compelled to be mean? 

One thing that I’m not used to nor will I ever be used is rudeness from coworkers–be it nurses, residents or attendings.  I think it’s most hurtful from residents and fellows since I can clearly sympathize with the fact that no one wants to turn around and drive back into the hospital at 10:30pm, especially when they just got home, for a consult that is borderline questionable but needs to be done anyway.  I know it sucks.  Believe me I know the pain of sleep deprivation–or at least I know a little and will find out more later.  In any case, I can sympathize.  Plus we’re all in the same boat–I have no ill will for other residents or fellows–why would I put them through pain if I (or more likely my attending) didn’t think it necessary? 

I hate it when consult residents get pissed off at me because I have a sick patient that needs their attention.  I’m like, what the hell else am I supposed to do?  If the patient needs a consult, then the patient needs a consult.  Am I right or am I right?  I mean, what the hell?

Then what’s even worse is when I get a run-around and then I have to spend half an hour of my time trying to cut through the bull shit only to realize that yes, the patient still needs the consult.  Trust me, I prepare before calling consults.  I’m not one of those people who calls consults without knowing anything about my patient.  I’m on top of it.  But there have been times when I’m asked certain highly unexpected questions by the consults, the answers to which I don’t have, and then I’m told how inappropriate my phone call is without knowing X, Y or Z only to later realize that X, Y or Z has nothing to do with anything.  Seriously, I don’t know what goes on–are people trying to play tricks or are we just having some miscommunication?  It could be a little of both but there are definitely times when I’m sure I’m being fucked with and it really pisses me off.  Especially since I’m an intern and most consults know it and if I feel like an older, more experienced resident or fellow is taking advantage of my inexperience and wasting my time so they can sleep during their call night, then I get royally pissed off.  It’s a fucking call night–you’re supposed to get called!!!!!  It’s just not cool to be mean to the intern.

As a personal side note, I start every phone call with “hi, thanks for returning my call” and “how are you?”  Isn’t that fucking nice?  Geez, how are you gonna be mean to me after that?  And then I end my calls with “thanks again for your time”.  How the hell is someone just gonna hang up on me after that?  Even at 3 in the morning I do that.  I know you’re annoyed, but come on now. 

Well, whatever.  I’m not gonna change.  I’m just gonna keep on being sweet, collegial mudphudder.  And if you got a problem with that then, well, you can just have a nice day. 



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    Comrade PhysioProf:

    Well, whatever. I’m not gonna change. I’m just gonna keep on being sweet, collegial mudphudder.

    Sure thing, dude. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sayeth CPP, who used to be a motherfuckin’ CareBear.

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    (sorry for late post of your comment antipodean)

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