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flow cytometry protocols, facilities and online protocols

Here’s a cool compilation of online flow cytometry resources offered by flow facilities from around the world that I found on website of the flow cytometry core at the Salk Institute in San Diego. For future reference, I’ve added this table to the flow cytometry page under Lab Resources and will continue to update it as I get more information. If your university has a good flow cytometry core website, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list. From my own experience, I would recommend trying the Purdue University links first…

Home Page Institution More Links Location [Forum]

[Blogs] [RSS Feeds] [News] [Events] [Links/Sites] [Products] [Standards] [Education] [Cytometry Abstracts]

Purdue Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories [Cytometry Mailing List]

[Flow Cytometry Software]

[CD-ROMs project]




[Confocal/Microscopy links]



[Rates Summary Table]

[Lecture Slides]




Cancer Research UK LRC Lincoln's Inn Fields [Cell cycle analysis]


[Functional studies]



[Stem cell analysis]

[Data analysis]


[Laser Scanning Cytometry]

[Flow Club]

JCSMR John Curtin School of Medical Research, Canberra [Tutorials][Data Analysis][Statistics][Software:Facsimile][Facscan Tutorial test][LSR][Literature][Protocols][Links/Sites][Rates] AU
Albert Einstein Albert Einstein College of Medicine Flow Core [About flow][Instrumentation][Fluorophores][Fluorescent Proteins][Protocols][Links/Sites][Rates] US-NY
CytoRelay MPI-Biochemie, Martinsried, Germany:Cell Biochemistry [Links/Sites][Suppliers][Cell Function][Aquatic Links][Software links/Mailing Lists/FAQs][Education/Books][Consensus/Ring Trials][Microorganisms][Purdue mailing list mirror] DE
WEHI WEHI Cytometry Lab [Overview] [Links/Sites][Fluorescence][Fluors][Sorter Comparison][Rates][FCMDesigner (Java)][Software:WEASEL][Links/Sites][Publications] AU
Aberystwyth University of Wales Institute of Biological Sciences [Links/Sites][Publications][Instrumentation][Software][Sample Prep][Microcyte cytometer] [Microbiology] UK
Cytonet UK Cardiff, UWCM [Flow basics][RMS Cytometry][UK Jobs/Notices][UK Meetings][Software:Cylchred][Links/Sites][Suppliers] UK
Salk CCMI Salk Institute for Biological Studies CCMI [Links/Sites][Compensation Howto][Fluorochrome Table][Protocols][Lasers][Software] US-CA
TSRI Scripps Research Institute Flow Core [Home][Turbosort][Sort Recovery Calculation][FACStar] / [Vantage jet optimization][Protocols][Software:WinMDI][Sites/Links] US-CA
IACF Immunology Applications Core Facility, University of Chicago [Technical protocols][Sort prep][Protocols][References][Rates] {Flash required} US-IL
Prague Centrum Pr?tokové Cytometrie [Basics][Sorting][Data analysis][Instrumentation][Cytometers][Rates][Protocols (Czech)][Links/sites] CZ
St Mary's Imperial College, London [PowerPoint presentations][Rates][Sorting][Flow Course] UK
NCI ETI NCI ETI Branch Flow Core [Protocols][Spectra][Sorting][Facscan/Calibur info][Advanced projects/protocols][Links/Sites] US-MD
UTMD MD Anderson Cancer Center Cell and Tissue Analysis Core [Flow][Protocols][Quantitative][Side Population][More Protocols][Compensation][Links/Sites] US-TX
Berkeley UC Cancer Research Lab [Flow Basics][Compensation][Rates][Instrumentation][links/Sites] US-CA
HSS Fannie E. Rippel Foundation [Instrumentation][Rates] US-NY
ISAC International Society for Analytical Cytology [Cytometry journal][Conferences][Tutorial material][FCS 3.0][Biosafety][Software] US Fluorescent dyes database [About][Browse][Links/Sites] Austria
Olomouc Institute of Experimental Botany Molecular Cytogenetics and Cytometry [Plant DNA FCM][Flow Cytogenetics][Plant protocols][Reagents][Suppliers] CZ
Roswell Park Roswell Park Cancer Institute Laboratory of Flow Cytometry [About][Software][Services/Rates][Instrumentation][Courses/Powerpoint slides][Programs/Outreach][Links/Sites] US-NY
Herzenberg Lab at Stanford Herzenberg Laboratory [Protocols][FACS Development Group] US-CA
Stanford Stanford Shared FACS Facility [Flow overview][Rates][SOPs]][Instruments/Fluors][Documentation][User Guides] US-CA
UIowa Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at UIowa [Flow fundamentals][Protocols][Rates] US-IA
Vanderbilt Vanderbilt HHMI Flow Cytometry Facility [Overview] [Rates] [Forms/Protocols][Links/Sites][Overview] US-TN
Baylor Baylor Flow Cytometry Core [Instruments][Rates][Protocols][Links/Sites] US-TX
Beth Israel Flow Cytometry and Sorting Facility [Core][Policies][Rates][Links/Sites] US-MA
Bremen Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology [Overview][Links/Sites] DE
CTEGD University of Georgia [Overview] [Instruments] [Rates] [Links/Sites] US-GA
HUGTiP Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol [Applications][Links/Sites][Rates][Journals/Books] ES
IMMAG Medical College of Georgia Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics [Instrumentation][Guidelines][Rates][Links/Sites] US-GA
Kiel Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum Westküste [Phytoplankton][Flow Overview][Sorting Overview][Links/Sites] DE
LSU Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine [Instruments][Rates][Protocols][Links/Sites] US-LA
Penn SDM University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine [Flow Primer][Protocols] [Links] [Rates] US-PA
AEFCG Australian Environmental Flow Cytometry Group [Research] AU
SUNY USB Research Flow Cytometry Core [Overview] [Rates][Links/Sites][Clinical] US-NY
UAMS University of Arkansas Microbiology and Immunology Flow Core [Overview][Cytometric Bead Array][Biohazard Review Form][Sample Submission Form] US-AR
UCLA Janis V. Giorgi Flow Cytometry Core [Protocols][Biosafety][Rates][Policies] US-CA
UPCI University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute [Worksheets][Rates] US-PA
Cornell Cornell Biomedical Sciences Flow Cytometry Core [Protocols][Sample Prep][Rates][Software] US-NY
Bern University of Bern Department of Clinical Research Flow Cytometry Lab [Overview][Links/Sites][Flow Course] CH
Bigelow J.J. MacIsaac Facility for Aquatic Cytometry [General][Aquatic][Plankton] US-ME
Calgary University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine [Overview][Links/Sites][Rates] CA
Cooper Hospital/UMC Camden, New Jersey [Methods][Reference Ranges][Publications] US-NJ
Cornell Cornell University Flow Cytometry Facility [Overview] [Rates][Links/Sites] US-NY
Hopkins Immunology Johns Hopkins Immunology [Analyzer guidelines][Sorting guidelines][Contact][Billing][Links/sites] US-MD
Hopkins CFAR Johns Hopkins Center for AIDS Research [Overview][FAQ] [Links/Sites] US-MD
Iowa State Cell and Hybridoma Facility [Protocols][Sites/Links] US-IA
Mario Roederer Mario Roederer's Home Page [Compensation Tutorial][Antibody Conjugation] US-CA
McMaster McMaster University Flow Facility [Links][Facscan Operation][Rates] CA
MIT Flow Cytometry Core Facility [Rates][Protocols][Links] US-MA
Newcastle University of Newcastle Department of Surgery [Description] [Research] [Courses] [Links] UK
NIAMS IRP National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases [Protocols] [FRET] [Links/Sites] US-MD
OHRI Ottowa Health Research Institute [Overview] [Rates] [Links/Sites] CA
Prague Institute of Botany, AS CR [Plant FCM][Plant DNA][Protocols][Links/Sites] CZ
Princeton Princeton University Flow Cytometry Core [Instruments][Protocols][Links/Sites] US-NJ
Rockerfeller FCRC Flow Cytometry Resource Center [Rates][Operation/Tips][Instruments] US-NY
Roscoff Station Biologique de Roscoff, France [Phytoplankton][Software:CytoWin] FR
RRC University of Illinois at Chicago [Description] [Protocol links] [Rates] US-IL
Sheffield University of Sheffield Division of Genomic Medicine Core Cytometry [Rates] [Protocols] [Links/Sites] UK
TIG Therapeutic Immunology Group, Dunn School, Oxford [Protocols] [Tutorials] [Instrument operation] UK
UCHC UCONN Health Center Flow Facility [Flow description][Links/Sites][Rates] US-CT
UMN University of Minnesota Cancer Center [Protocols][links/Sites][Instrument operation] US-MN
Urbana-Champaign University of Illinois Biotechnology Center Flow Cytometry Facility [Cytokines] [Apoptosis] [Links] US-IL
UVa University of Virginia Flow Cytometry Core Facility [Protocols][FAQs][Rates] US-VA
Amsterdam Microscopy and Cytometry Software: Ron Hoebe [Software:Flow Explorer][Refresh Ratio][List Math] NL
NECyt New England Cytometry [Tutorials/Presentations][Biosafety][Links/Sites][Jobs][BBG][Mailing List][Meetings] US-MA
Caltech Caltech Flow Cytometry Facility [Policies/Rates][Links/Sites] US-CA
EOSHI/CINJ Rutgers Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute [Description][Rates] US-NJ
HMDS Leeds Leeds Flow Cytometry [Flow Overview][Fluorochromes] UK
Frank J. Jochem Dr. Frank J. Jochem [Oceanography][Phytoplankton] DE
Keith Bahjat Antibody Cross Reactivity Resource [Antibody Crossreactivity Resource] US-FL
Newcastle FACS University of Newcastle Biomolecular Research Facility [Description] [Rates] AU
NFCR National Flow Cytometry Resource [Overview/Research] US-NM
Novosibirsk Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, Novosibirsk, Russia [Scanning Flow Cytometry][Flying Light Scattering] RU
UCSD UCSD Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource [Protocols][Rates] US-CA
Umass/Amherst Facility closed 2000 [About][MFI Software] US-MA
UMass/Worcester Core Flow Lab [Instrumentation][Rates][Links/Sites][Protocols] US-MA
UNM Cytometry Bioengineering Consortium [Bioengineering Consortium][High Throughput] US-NM
UNM University of New Mexico Shared Flow Cytometry Resource [High Throughput][Rates] US-NM
Utah [Sorting][Rates][Links/Sites] US-UT
UWashington Immunology University of Washington Immunology Cell Analysis Facility [Protocols][Rates] US-WA
Birmingham University of Birmingham Animal Cell Technology Group [Links/Sites] UK


2 Responses to “flow cytometry protocols, facilities and online protocols”

  1. 1

    What’s up Mudphudder? Seeing this flow cytometry list reminded me of a technical problem I’m having regarding flow detection of a specific T cell receptor. We have a transgenic TCR mouse with human alpha/beta variable regions and mouse constant regions. Unfortunately, there are no antibodies to the human alpha/beta types of this clone (Vb5.4, Va13.2). Very frustrating – especially because we’ve had a tetramer reagent made for this class II restricted TCR, but it’s VERY lousy. Do you know if antibodies exist to the DJ component of the VDJ? I obviously can’t probe for the constant region since the entire mouse TCR repertoire would be detected. Other than this, I think we’re sol…. hope internship is going well.

  2. 2

    Hey Dude- sorry for the late reply. I actually don’t know about that. I never needed an antibody to the DJ component of the VDJ. I’m sure you’ve checked the usual suspects in terms of commercial sources (e.g. BD) but when that failed for me, I would always go through papers looking for someone who had the antibody I needed and then asked them for some. But you’ve probably already done that too, so I guess my input is completely worthless here.

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