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CRISP – the nih grant database

Be honest, you want to know what NIH grants the PI down the hall has.  Right?  Of course you do.  You want to know how good he’s got it and how that compares to your NIH funding situation.  Well, the completely open thing to do would be to ask but then you look nosey and the other PI might figure out your ulterior motive.  But you have another option: the CRISP database.

To quote from the CRISP website:

CRISP (Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects) is a searchable database of federally funded biomedical research projects conducted at universities, hospitals, and other research institutions. The database, maintained by the Office of Extramural Research at the National Institutes of Health, includes projects funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ), and Office of Assistant Secretary of Health (OASH). Users, including the public, can use the CRISP interface to search for scientific concepts, emerging trends and techniques, or identify specific projects and/or investigators.

So you can use this database to spy on any investigator’s NIH funding status.  But in all seriousness, the CRISP database can be a really useful tool if you are thinking of writing a grant or even starting a new project because you can see if someone is already funded to work on your project.  It can potentially save you a lot of time in not writing a grant that someone else already has (or at least give you an opportunity to sufficiently distinguish your own grant).  Moreover, by knowing who else is working on a similar project, you can either know who to contact for collaboration or help (if you need it) or in contrast, you’ll know who to hide your work from…


Thanks to the readers who pointed out that CRISP is no longer up and running.  But, for those of you who still have the morbid curiosity to see which cocksuckers have NIH funding while you languish away barely making ends-meet on foundation grants, there is the RePORT Expenditures and Results query tool at:


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    Crystal M:

    Hi there. I think its now called research portfolio online reporting tool (RePORT) and you can find it at It really is useful, although kind of scary that there is so much information available on that site. I appreciate your blog, thanks!

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    Comrade PhysioProf:

    Dude, I hate to tell you this, but CRISP is dead:

    As of September 1, 2009, the CRISP system is no longer supported and it will become unavailable on October 31, 2009

    The CRISP system has been replaced by the RePORT Expenditures and Results (RePORTER) query tool. This new tool retains all of the features of CRISP while providing additional query fields, hit lists that can be sorted and downloaded to Excel, NIH funding for each project (expenditures), and the publications and patents that have acknowledged support from each project (results). RePORTER also provides links to PubMed Central, PubMed, and the US Patent & Trademark Office Patent Full Text and Image Database for more information on research results. New features will be added to RePORTER in several releases throughout fiscal year 2010.

    RePORTER is here:

  3. 3

    Thanks everyone for pointing out that CRISP is no longer open.

    See addendum to post.

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    “But, for those of you who still have the morbid curiosity to see which cocksuckers have NIH funding while you languish away barely making ends-meet…”

    It’s not so much the guys down the hall with NIH funding that annoy me, but the epidemiology-type labs that have a $600k grant. While you’re considering bake sales to replace your 20 year old thermocycler, they just got over half a mil to print out a few hundred surveys on condom usage. Grrr.

  5. 5

    txcane- hey dude, cocksuckers are in the eye of the beholder. There you have it.

  6. 6


    yeah fuck all that public health type shit that actually saves lives…

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