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flow cytometry protocols, facilities and online protocols

Here’s a cool compilation of online flow cytometry resources offered by flow facilities from around the world that I found on website of the flow cytometry core at the Salk Institute in San Diego. For future reference, I’ve added this table to the flow cytometry page under Lab Resources and will continue to update it […]


the waiting

I swear, the hardest part of internship is not the long hours or the work load, it’s the waiting–the anticipation of impending pain.  The worst is when you’re sitting there on the eve of a painful 12 day stretch and you can just imagine how bad it’ll be.  Of course it’s never that bad but […]


that’s gotta hurt

Here’s one of those posts that medical and non-medical readers might find interesting out of the same morbid curiosity to see some extreme (-ly painful) medicine.  This wasn’t a patient of mine but rather one of those times where you see another group of doctors around a computer looking at an x-ray and collectively hear them say […]


non-r01 nih grants for new investigators

So if you’re starting out as a new investigator, you’re probably not going to get an R01 grant right off the bat.  There are, however, many NIH grants that are specifically aimed at new investigators for career development as a stepping stone to future application for an R01.  I have a few buddies who are […]


CRISP – the nih grant database

Be honest, you want to know what NIH grants the PI down the hall has.  Right?  Of course you do.  You want to know how good he’s got it and how that compares to your NIH funding situation.  Well, the completely open thing to do would be to ask but then you look nosey and […]


reality check

Just two and a half months gone in internship? Feels like 2 and half years gone by. Love the work but it’s no walk in the park. Time for a reality check: it’s Final Countdown by Europe. Europe-The Final Countdown @ Yahoo! Video


the problem patient

Yes, the dreaded problem patient.  They come in all shapes and forms but they are the bane of every health care worker’s existence.  I used to think that it was only the bane my (the intern’s) existence but thinking about it now it’s probably worse for a lot more people.  Most of you know what […]


is it really necessary?

Why do people feel compelled to act like assholes?  I understand that you may be feeling frustrated, but why do you feel compelled to be mean?  One thing that I’m not used to nor will I ever be used is rudeness from coworkers–be it nurses, residents or attendings.  I think it’s most hurtful from residents […]