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oh to be young again

I was walking around Harvard Square today and saw all of the little college students running around, exploring with their families, etc.  And then I thought to myself, do I even remember college?  I think I do.  I mean, I remember college and I’ve thought about it before but I hadn’t thought about what it felt like to be in college for a looooonnngggg time.  Does anyone remember what it felt like to be college?  It was so long ago (ended ~10 yrs ago) for me.  When I started, the concept of taking care of myself was pretty foreign.  I’m pretty sure that was still the case when I graduated (at 155 pounds; now I’m at 200) and likely that is still the case now (I’m at 200 pounds).  The angst.  The worries–how different were my worries then and my worries now?  Crazy.  The kind of stuff I was worried/concerned about then (too trivial to even mention).  The kind of stuff I worry about now (e.g. managing career and family, getting my research published, my patients).  The crazy shit I used to do then (you don’t even want to know).  The crazy shit I do now (e.g. running a code!).  Big contrast. 

Those kids don’t even know what’s waiting for them.  Well not entirely.  Some them probably do, but most have no idea.  The scary thing is, I still don’t have any idea.  I talk to people with kids, people who are practicing doctors, people who are researchers, people who do all three, I have no idea.  I wonder if in another 10 years I’ll look back on these days and sigh and say that I had no idea.  Probably.


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    Miss Outlier:

    I’m a mentor living in the undergrad dorms this year, and all my freshman kiddies are arriving this week. I’m having flashbacks to undergrad… it does seem a lifetime ago.

    I remember driving to college, and realizing for the first time that truly nobody cared what I did. It was both exhilarating and terrifying. I think that some experiences will always be common to college students, but man is it hard to relate – they all look about twelve years old….

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    i’m going through med school orientation and my thoughts that followed a WHOLE day sitting in the same chair in your future classroom with you future classmates was that DAMN, college orientation was so.much.better. i think overall it really was good and easy to be that young and foolish.

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