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condolences to pascale

Pascale Lane, a twitterverse friend of the mudphudder’s, recently lost her cat, Denver the wondercat, after 18 years.  My condolences to Pascale.  Not too long ago, I lost my cat after 17 years.  It was heartbreaking.  I couldn’t remember a time, extending back to my youth, when I was without my cat.  And then he died.  While for cynical me the […]


something new

  So one of the major struggles I face as an intern is learning a new system in a new hospital. This is on top of having to deal with the new patient care responsibility. My suspicion is that learning the new system is as hard if not harder than the mounds if patient care […]


oh to be young again

I was walking around Harvard Square today and saw all of the little college students running around, exploring with their families, etc.  And then I thought to myself, do I even remember college?  I think I do.  I mean, I remember college and I’ve thought about it before but I hadn’t thought about what it […]


vacation recap

So I just returned from my first vacation of intern year. I started off with a couple of difficult rotations but somehow managed to get through–even learned something in the process. In all honesty, I was tired but I could have went another month easy without the vacation. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice […]


response to a reader

While I was away on vacation, a reader emailed me the following question: Hey Mudpudder….I am in a combined BS/MD program in NYC and I really need your advice. I am asking you for advice because you are one of the few physicians I have encountered that are honest and open about their profession.  As […]


taking care

As I sit here, on vacation in Acadia national park, I am reminded of the patient recovering from a spinal injury who asked ME how I was doing. It really is a sad commentary when the patient who is recovering from bilateral lower extremity paralysis is concerned with how the resident doing. But the point […]


laboratory interview questions for graduate students, post-docs and PIs

In the last post on the laboratory for graduate students, post-docs and PIs, I got into the basic approaches to the lab interview.  It appears that structured interviews, where every applicant is asked the same set of questions aimed at delving into the applicant’s abilities and personality, tend to produce the best results.  So how to […]


the laboratory interview for graduate students, post-docs and PIs

Whether you are interviewing others for a job or you, yourself are being interviewed for a job, it is not a bad idea to know what kinds of questions are asked and how.  In this post, let’s consider the general approaches that are taken in interviews.  I was browsing through the book At The Helm: […]