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I think what I miss most about my previous life is fresh air.  These days I get mostly stuffy hospital air, with occasional whiffs of disinfectant.  This weekend is my golden weekend and I’m taking full advantage.  I’ve spent hours outside today.  I walked Back Bay, Coolidge Corner, Brookline Village and even a little in the West End.  And what a beautiful day.  After 2 weeks of rain, we finally got a sunny day.  I sort of wished I had been a little more productive with chores, but who cares?  I got some rest and spent some time being completely mindless.  I had dinner outdoors at a tapas restaurant on Newbury Street.  It was good.  And, I got some fresh air.


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    love this tapas restaurant on Newbury a lot! did you try lamb chops? sooo good! miss Boston a lot ;(

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