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continuing the pimpin’ out process

In an effort to be the most pimped out intern, I went out today and bought some new shoes and new shirts.  You already know that my tiny apartment is pimped–even more so since I posted that picture–more orchids out and a sweet printer/scanner/copier/fax hooked up to a wireless network so I can use it from anywhere.  Then again, my home is only 600 sq feet, so how far would I have to go?  I guess it’s the principle of it.  The state of “pimped-out-ness” is not about practicality. 

Mudphudder peacin out with his new Johnston and Murphys

Mudphudder peacin' out with his new Johnston and Murphy's

Anyway, I hooked myself with some sweet Johnston and Murphy walking shoes on sale (big sale in the store right now) and a pair of black Bruno Magli’s for clinic.  Yeah that’s probably over-doing it, but as I said the state of “pimped-out-ness” is not about practicality.  I unfortunately have not included a pic of my Magli’s because they are resting comfortably in their shoe bag and I don’t want to disturb them.  Now that is soft leather.  To round out my efforts for the day, I ended with some non-iron shirts from the Banana Republic.  Now, I just heard about these and I’m still not convinced that I won’t have to iron these shirts after washing them, but I just had to try them out.  You see, a pimped out intern doesn’t have time to be ironing shirts.

Finally, I turned on my landline today and I got such a wicked awesome phone number!!!  Let’s just put it this way, I memorized it after hearing it once.  DANG!

Well my peeps, it’s getting late and I gotta start getting used to going to bed early so I can wake up early.  I’ll take my leave for tonight, but more to come.


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  1. 1

    “wicked awesome”

    You are definitely fitting into the Boston area well.

  2. 2

    Husband also bought himself a pair of Johnston & Murphy shoes to start intern year. And about 4 months in, they wound up covered in blood when he had to respond to a code. (He kept wearing them, figuring they’d just collect more bodily fluids throughout the year.)

    So, he just went out and bough a new pair to start residency. These shoes should be safe — radiology reading rooms aren’t exactly known for lots of blood and guts.

  3. 3

    Oh my Gaaaawwwwd, Nat!!!! Ya too kind.

    Julie- the difference here is that I also bought another pair of trusty danskos for the wards. My J&M’s are for when I hit the streets of Beantown and maybe for clinic to match non-black pants.

    Damn, I’m stylin’ baby.

    Now off to lunch.

  4. 4

    My husband didn’t have a choice — footwear rules were actually written into his dress code. On non-scrub days, residents in his program were not permitted to wear any sort of non-professional shoes, specifically including clogs… and he was only able to wear scrubs (with his comfy footwear of choice) on his ICU months. All the general ward months were non-scrub except between 8pm-5am. Personally I don’t understand because even in the wards, he often wound up with blood on his pants when things went awry which I thought was the point of scrubs… but at least after he throws out all the clothes he wore this past year and buys all new ones, they should last far longer.

  5. 5

    Julie- it really sucks that hubby’s program specified that. It doesn’t make any sense as you pointed out. I can understand dress attire (e.g. pants, shirt, tie) but shoes? C’mon!

    Where I went to med school, and also something I forgot to mention in the post, we could wear sneakers too. Comfortable sneakers are also not a bad idea but they can get awfully messed-up looking after a while. Fluids dry well concealed on dansko clogs but on a pair of New Balance 991’s, not so much. Plus, unless you like running in blood stained shoes, there’s a pair of $120 running shoes you just flushed down the toilet. I learned that one reeeaaal fast on my OB rotation…

  6. 6

    you, mah friend, are gonna rock everyone’s socks off and out of whatever lameass shoes they are wearing when you step around with yours! as for the the no ironing shirts, they actually do work, and since you’re looking to pimp yourself out as much as possible in the future, i’m going to throw out the idea of brooks brothers-they make the best ones and at their outlets you can get a pretty good deal, until you start making money like a real person in a few years. good luck to you! … i just finished my day 1 of rotation 1, and cannot even wrap my mind around how long i have until i get to pick out pimping lady shoes.

  7. 7

    I’m losing count of all the near accidents I’ve had driving near Boston hospitals while keeping one eye out for these shoes.

    Here’s hoping I take out some annoying jay walking pedestrian.

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