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cure for the first week of internship: a reality check

Internship has started. Getting crushed. One week down, 51 to go in internship and 259 to go in all of residency. Plus I’m on call both days this weekend.  Time for a reality check… Take it all in: it’s Final Countdown by Europe. Europe-The Final Countdown @ Yahoo! Video


past my bedtime

It’s after 9pm so I better keep this brief.  First week of internship is going… well it’s going.  Not too bad I guess.  I’m learning a lot and getting into the swing of things.  More on the specifics later, but it’s amazing how different life has quickly changed.  I feel like I’m in survival mode […]


13 hours later…

And the first day of internship is done. Can’t complain–13 hours is not that bad even if I was hustling around the whole day. Picking up some thai food as a treat and then I’m going home. Thank you all again for the love that you have heaped on me in the last few days. […]


5:45 am, june 22 2009

So it begins.


the final countdown

So the regular readers of this blog probably thought this post was just going to be the video clip of “the Final Countdown” by Europe that I post every so often, but NO! it’s not!    So if you haven’t already flipped back to google, here we go. Tomorrow I start internship.  Crazy.  I last […]


my fear

Today I crossed the threshold of the hospital I will be doing intership in. I stopped at the front door, hung my head, took a deep breath and plunged myself in. My first reaction is some fear of the unknown. Not so much what to expect–I already know that I’m gonna get my ass kicked […]


experiencing new things

Today I signed up for a gym membership.  The first time I’ve committed to working-out somewhere new in the last eight years.  It’s nice but small with not much weight-lifting equipment.  But this gym is close to home and I’ll have no excuses to not stop by for a 30 min workout occasionally.  And on […]


footwear for the wards

As of late I have made some fuss about my footwear to start off internship.  Yes, every young doctor secretly or not-so-secretly wants to be pimpin’ and for some, footwear is a big part of that.  I may have given that impression in the last post I made but for the sake of the youngins, I’ll […]


continuing the pimpin’ out process

In an effort to be the most pimped out intern, I went out today and bought some new shoes and new shirts.  You already know that my tiny apartment is pimped–even more so since I posted that picture–more orchids out and a sweet printer/scanner/copier/fax hooked up to a wireless network so I can use it […]


a glimpse into my new life

FINALLY!!!! I’m back online.  Sah-weeeeeeeet!  Mudphudder is back baby.  So what to write about? To date, I’ve been a little secretive about myself and for good reason–it let’s me speak my mind quite freely without fear of reprisal.  But for the readers who’ve stuck with me through the last few weeks, when posts have been few and far […]


back online tonight

I’m on my way to buy my new wireless router now so hopefully my Internet will be up and running tonight and I can get to blogging (from my computer rather than from my phone).


i’m almost back

Hi everyone. No I’m not dead and no I haven’t quit blogging. As many of you know, I recently got residency on city far away from where I went to medical school and I have been in the painful process of packing and moving over the last few weeks. I apologize for my lack of […]