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exhale… it’s over.

The match is over and I know where I’ll be for the next chunk of my life.  I lucked out because I’m going to my top choice for residency.  But still,  I can’t help but feel like I’ll miss having the residency match process to always complain about.  Sort of like having a 25 pound tumor cut off.  It’s gone and it feels good to have the weight off, but it’s sort of weird to not have it around any more. 

Knowing life though, even as limited as I have, something new will shortly appear to fill void about which I can complain. 

Anyway, I’m pretty psyched but I’m still waiting for it to sink in.  I’ve been at the same institution for eight years (> a quarter of my life) and now I’m moving away.   

Thanks for everyone’s good thoughts! 

More later…


2 Responses to “exhale… it’s over.”

  1. 1

    Do you plan on doing a fellowship? Because you can look forward to complaining about matching for that!

    (Are you my MIL in disguise? She is only satisfied if she has something about which to bitch and moan.)

    Congratulations on the match. :)

  2. 2

    Dear Julie, In fact I am your mother-in-law. But shame on you for assuming that.

    Thanks for the congratulations on the match. But, I’m pretty sure I’ll have lots to complain about in a few short months.

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