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reality check

It’s the end of the month and I have 5 days left in medical school.  It’s time for a reality check: Final Countdown by Europe. Take 5 minutes, sit back and enjoy… Europe-The Final Countdown @ Yahoo! Video

residency, dungeons and dragons

So my residency rank list was finalized last night at 9pm.  It is no longer in my hands.  Now some computer algorithm written by a guy who undoubtedly still plays Dungeons and Dragons will determine my future.  Note I didn’t say Advanced Dungeons and Dragons because that would have tipped some of you off that I […]

scansite: an online resource for detecting motifs of protein kinase phosphorylation

Scansite was developed by Michael Yaffe, a world reknowned cell signaling (in particular, protein phosphorylation) researcher at MIT.  Scansite is an online resource to search for motifs within proteins that are likely to be phosphorylated by specific protein kinases or bind to domains such as SH2 domains, 14-3-3 domains or PDZ domains. Optimal phosphorylation sites for […]

slacker tip

I don’t mean to imply that I’m a slacker but over the years I have learned to instinctively incorporate behavioral habits, which will minimize my load of extra work.  It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even think about it anymore–I just do it.  Today, for example I was dismissed from work at 5pm.  […]

reader appreciation #2

Once again, I’d like to express appreciation for another regular reader of the mudphudder blog through haiku.  Fellow mudphudder Wants authorship for comments! Cold like Indie snow It took me a good 4 hours to come up with that, so enjoy it.  You know who you are.

but who’s counting?

10 business days left in medical school.

just another saturday afternoon at the bitch club

I just spent the last two hours talking with a good friend at Starbucks about how I’m in the process of getting screwed out of another two papers that I’ve done work for.  Why am I asked to do work for a research “publication” if 1) there’s no intention of ever publishing it or 2) someone else is […]

please put your urine out of the way

Four call nights and one GI virus in the last nine days and I’m done.  That’s it my peeps.  I am officially done with all call nights (and viral infections) for medical school.  The next two weeks should be smooth sailing.  Knock on wood–because right about now is when the bottom drops out.  Anyway, I […]

to my regular readers

Sorry–it’s been a slow week for new content on mudphudder’s blog.  This has been a really busy week and I’m halfway home now.  I’ll write put some new material up this weekend and ask that you bare with me for the next two days.  It should be smooth sailing from there on out. For now, if you haven’t […]

Praxis No. 6

I received very few submissions for this edition of the Praxis blog carnival.  Actually, I don’t want to sugar coat it by saying there were “very few”…there was actually only one post submission by Dr. Shock. Another reader submitted his entire blog URL, but that doesn’t really count because blog carnivals are collections of individual […]

mudphudder “call” count

Three out of five call nights done.  Two more call nights left this week before the mudphudder finishes his last call of medical school.  Friday morning will be glorious.  It’s going to be a rough week–please keep rooting for the mudphudder.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ll be at the hospital until 5pm today but otherwise wanted to share some Valentine’s day love to my readers:

mudphudder potpourri

1) Why would someone go to the ER for irritation to their eye and then fight tooth and nail with the ophthalmologist when she was trying to examine the eye?  I’m not talking about a child either. 2) As of two days ago, I had my final 5 calls of medical school spread over the […]

what determines authorship

What determines authorship on a scientific journal article?  Who knows?  After a PhD and 4 years in medical school, I apparenty don’t know.  A friend of mine who is a graduate student was recently approached about including someone on his paper as an author–if that person had done anything at all remotely contributing to the […]

Praxis No. 6: a call for posts

So, I will be hosting Praxis No. 6, which will go up next Sunday, February 15.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Praxis Blog Carnival is about the academic life.  Topics in the past have ranged from basic advice on studies and careers to life lessons on the academic path.  Since I am […]

updating the blogroll

It occurred to me that I’ve never explained my blogroll, comprised all of nice people with interesting things to say and all awesome blogs.  More so, I think it’s time to update the blogroll.  Without further ado, here is my blogroll: Dr. Isis – A domestic and laboratory goddess who wears hot shoes, no two ways about […]

the simple things

I am beat.  I took my psychiatry shelf exam (for those who aren’t familiar with medical school lingo, a shelf exam is a standardized exam applied nationwide at the end of particular, mandatory medical school rotations) today and I-AM-BEAT.  However, a certain someone is out of town tonight which means that I have the rare opportunity to […]

give it up for the supernatural ability of mom

I was studying for my psychiatry shelf exam but felt compelled to write this post. What is it with moms?  Are they born with some psychic antenna or does the ability to read minds develop after childbirth?  It’s weird.  There are a few people on the schizophrenia ward here who think they have a psychic […]

a database of cell signaling

If you study cell signaling, here is a comprehensive database of cell signaling offered through the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Science Magazine: Components of cellular signaling pathways and their relations to one another–organized into pathways called Connections Maps–serve as the graphical interface into the database.  This information is provided for […]

i’ve given up on mankind

Hello, my readers.  I’ve seen a lot shit in my life.  A lot of stuff that you couldn’t take any other way but personally.  And somehow, I’ve trudged through that shit without letting it get to me too much.   Yes, I’ve grown increasingly cynical over the years but I’ve maintained, in general, a positive attitude.  […]

you think you’ve got it bad?!?!?

Just when you (or I) think it couldn’t possibly get any worse, you hear a story about someone who has it even worse. I read this post on another blog by the YoungFemaleScientist that made me very grateful for my graduate school experience. In the post, she describes some of the hardship she faced during […]

phylogenetics resource

If any of you are interested in phylogeny, here is a link to an amazing collection of programs and software for phylogenetic analysis. I have also included this link in my “research resources” sidebar.  It is hosted at the University of Washington, which has a track record for being powerhouse in phylogenetics. Programs included here […]