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USMLE (Step 1) Free Questions & Study Aids

It’s the new year, and no doubt some of you are starting to prepare for your first USMLE exam. It is also the age of the internet, and while buying USMLE prep books will always be part of the drill, these days looking for USMLE study resources online isn’t unusual. The hard part, though, is googling the right keywords and then sifting through all the junk and finding the few useful USMLE websites that exist. Doing this takes time (trust me, I remember from when I had to do it). I thought I would put together a few (free) useful USMLE resources that I’ve found online that might help any upcoming USMLE test-takers out there.


Get some USMLE practice via Twitter

Those of you who have not signed up for a Twitter account, you may want to think about doing so if only for the free USMLE prep questions you can get delivered to your Twitter online account or to you via Text message. Some users who are sending out USMLE prep updates include: usmlemd and firstaidteam. Once you sign-up for your account, click on their Twitter account links and choose to “follow” them. It’s worth noting, as well, that usmlemd is also the individual who runs, which is a USMLE prep site in blog format and a good resource to peruse.


One is the loneliest number…Need a USMLE study buddy?

This site lets you post requests for a USMLE study partner or browse through requests to locate a study buddy for yourself. Requests are organized by USMLE Step 1, 2, 3 test takers. Each student requesting a study partner, lists their location, exam date, and email address.  Some students also list specific preferences (ie. female partner).


Where’s the beef?  Here it is!  Links to FREE USMLE questions & Qbanks

60 practice questions provided by Kaplan Test Prep organized into 10 question blocks.  Be sure to click on the links at the top of each section (for example, Questions 41 – 50) to be taken to the full text of those questions (and their answers).


Janky website, but lots of free practice questions. Downside: you have to register and login to access most of it. Also includes a QBank called Tommy’s Concepts with over 700 questions and answers.

A link heavy page, but skip down to the bottom of the page to where it says “Self-Assessment Modules.”  Questions are grouped into 20 different subject matters, and each subject matter contains 20 questions.  Bam, 400 free practice USMLE questions right there.

Lippincott offers a free 350-question practice test for USMLE Step 1. Even though it’s free, you have to register as a user on to be able to take the practice test. You can opt to take the test in either review or test mode. You can also choose to take the test all at once or 50 questions at a time.

Free Step 1 questions written by students who took the test. Explanations are linked to wikipedia for more info. Features include qbank, comparing your results to other test-takers, creating personalized tests and flagging questions.


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