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favorite knock from interviews so far

So my favorite knock against me by a residency interviewer so far was within the last 1.5 weeks when I gave a response to an interviewer’s question to which the interviewer responded in a derisive tone, “Didn’t I read that on a fortune cookie?  Well, your answer was much cheesier than the fortune cookie.” 

The best part is that I was being serious with my answer.  Gotta love obnoxious interviewers.  Has anyone out there gotten any obnoxious/toxic comments during medical school, graduate school or residency interviews?  It’s always nice to share a good laugh about these kinds of things.


3 Responses to “favorite knock from interviews so far”

  1. 1

    I hope you kept your cool, because if I got a comment like that, I would have been really tempted to rip him a new one.

  2. 2

    just found your blog a few days ago and since I juuuust got into an mdphd program i of course clicked on your mdphd tab. i have to ask after dr. fortune-cookie’s question, if you’re going into a surgery residency.

  3. 3

    iar- welcome to my blog. i think you will get a lot of out of both the “md” and “phd” categories as well in addition to the “md/phd” category. also, thanks for the inquiry into what residency i’m going into but i haven’t revealed that in an effort to stay anonymous.

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