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clinical HIV resources – for patient care, physician training and self-study

Today is the 20th World AIDS Day and it is astounding how much and how quickly our clinical knowledge of HIV management has increased since 20 years ago.  Treatment guidelines and recommendations are continuously updated as we learn more–this impacts clinical patient care from both the physicians’ side as well as the patients’.  Below, I have listed some useful, clinically related links to online HIV resources for patient care, physician training or anyone who wants to learn more about the clinical aspects of HIV infection.  Please let me know if you find any of these particularly useful! 


Resource url Resource description
AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC) on HIV Training resources, slide sets, self-study and more on HIV
AETC Clinical manual for management of the HIV-infected adult
International Training and Education Center on HIV International AETC with training material
HIV Insite Knowledge base, drug interactions, global country profiles and more
Medscape HIV/AIDS News, conference coverage, reviews, CME and more
VA National HIV/AIDS Program Information for providers and patients
Clinical Care Options Reviews, CME, and conference summaries
The National HIV/AIDS Clinicians’ Consultation Center AETC clinical resource, contact information for national warm line (a National HIV Telephone Consultation Service), PEPline (National Clinicians’ Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Hotline) and the National Perinatal HIV Consultation and Referral Service

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    AIDS Drugs:

    This site has a pretty cool HIV clinical trial lookup widget on their front page

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