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what obesity epidemic?

I saw this sign driving through North Carolina:


2 Responses to “what obesity epidemic?”

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    Joe Steer:

    I know you’re being cheeky here, but so is the sign. Eating steak has nothing to do with obesity. A high-protein diet–even one with a high fat content–can be part of a completely healthy lifestyle. Too many calories and not enough activity are the main culprits of the obesity “epidemic,” so the sign could very well be that of avocados, dried fruit, nuts, or any other calorie-dense food.

    If there’s any real crime here, it’s that the bottom cut of meat is hardly marbled and appears to be well-done. Savages.

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    I partly agree with you Joe. It is very true that high protein diet is healthy specially to growing individuals wherein muscles are still forming and to those who wants to be lean. Calorie and fats are indeed the main culprit. I also agree that less physical activities and exercises are really the main culprits and specially to children since they spend most of their time in from of their computer playing video games. No wonder childhood obesity has become so evident.

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